To Replace or To Augment Your EPP? That's the Question
To Replace or To Augment Your EPP? That's the Question

It difficult to decide whether to replace or to augment existing endpoint protection (EPP) because it is difficult to assess advanced endpoint protection (AEP) products as measuring some of their features can be complicated.

AEP products are promising a new standard in endpoint security, but when should organizations seriously consider deploying these products, and in what replacements, or as augmentations? This guide provides details on product selection criteria such as catch rate, deployment and management workflows, interoperability, API, update frequency, and remediation. The maturity of these features will likely be a deciding factor in your purchasing decisions.

Download this guide which will help your organization:

  • Evaluate your need for forensic visibility;
  • Carefully consider product overlap with existing security controls;
  • Decide if deployment of a specific product will remove the need to reply on adjacent security technology.
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