Five Benefits of Augmenting Microsoft Sentinel with Exabeam Analytics

Five Benefits of Augmenting Microsoft Sentinel with Exabeam Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your Microsoft Sentinel deployment with AI-driven solutions from Exabeam, merging the strengths of both platforms. While Sentinel excels in log aggregation and correlation, its capabilities as a SIEM solution for security use cases can be improved with our leading user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) that automates workflows, enriches detection contexts, and consolidates log data for superior security insights.

Exabeam offers a unique integration with Sentinel, delivering these key benefits:

  • Sophisticated Threat Detection: Exabeam offers advanced AI-powered UEBA with over 790 behavioral models, ensuring unmatched customization and coverage. With a decade of AI innovation, Exabeam rapidly identifies threats across users and devices, supporting a broader range of data sources for faster detection and response than Sentinel.
  • Tailored Security Workflows: Exabeam provides customizable security workflows, giving security teams a detailed dashboard for more visibility into their security status, improving analyst productivity and minimizing response times.
  • Comprehensive Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response (TDIR): Exabeam simplifies threat hunting with a full range of actionable use cases, detection rules and models, and response checklists. Our capabilities go beyond Sentinel’s basic offerings, ensuring more effective and accurate TDIR.
  • Superior Visibility and Integration: Exabeam significantly expands security visibility with support for 687 products from 342 vendors. This surpasses Sentinel’s limited third-party log integration, improving defense with updated machine learning models for MITRE ATT&CK® tactics and emerging threats.
  • Effortless Data Search for Everyone: Exabeam simplifies data search with an intuitive interface and AI-powered natural language search. This means fast, complex queries without requiring deep technical expertise, speeding up threat hunting and making the most of security team resources.

Don’t let Sentinel’s legacy SIEM limitations leave you vulnerable. Download our guide now!

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