Aggressive, Proactive Threat Hunting

Aggressive, Proactive Threat Hunting

The increasing number of organizations being hit by crippling mega breaches points to a deficiency in most standard endpoint security solutions. Today's evolving threat landscape requires that organizations not only employ next generation endpoint protection technology, but that they add an element of aggressive proactive hunting.

This excerpt is taken from a presentation given by Christopher Witter, CrowdStrike who stated, "Hunting isn't waiting around for things to happen or special things to act. It's an actual active process. A lot of people believe a lot of structure or process is required, when in reality, some simple statements can be made that will help form what your goals are and help your management understand what you're doing and what your outcomes potentially will be."

Download this excerpt to learn more about:

  • What threat hunting is and isn't;
  • Three key models of threat hunting;
  • The crucial steps you can take to incorporate it in your organization's cyber security strategy.

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