Targeted Attacks: Proactive Prevention Using Deception Technologies

Visibility has been a big challenge for every security practitioner. The exponential increase in the volume of incidents as well as the amount of threat intelligence and advisories that a typical security team needs to sift through on a daily basis, along with the increasing sophistication and stealth employed by advanced attackers, makes detecting an intrusion like finding a needle in a haystack. Traditional approaches are failing to effectively scale to address contemporary challenges, and a fresh look at visibility is necessary for active threat hunting, which active defense and cyber hunting can provide. By bringing broad military deception strategies to cybersecurity, deception technology puts the narrative squarely back in the hands of the defender in the event of an intrusion.

This session will address:

  • Making incident response and remediation an active, near real-time process;
  • Creating an early warning system that gives practitioners the chance to determine motives;
  • Devising a strategy for effectively incorporating deception tech into a security strategy.

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