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Ransomware Response Study

Ransomware Response Study

Fifty-nine percent of security leaders believe their current ransomware defenses are above average or superior. And yet 53 percent also say they have been victim of ransomware attacks in the past year.

This is but one of the results of the Ransomware Response Study.

Aimed at determining how prepared organizations are for a ransomware attack, the survey finds that their biggest vulnerability is the susceptibility of their own employees. And while 77 percent say they have never paid ransom in response to such an attack, 54 percent also say that although paying ransom is generally a bad idea ... sometimes it's the easiest way to restore business.

Register for this session to learn:

  • Who is falling victim to ransomware, and how?
  • What are enterprises doing to protect themselves from ransomware - and where are the gaping holes in their defenses?
  • Once infected, how do they respond?


Ransomware has exploded to become the highest-profile cybercrime of 2016. Once aimed primarily at consumer PC users, ransomware now has become the bane of enterprises of all sizes and sectors. Criminals infect systems with polymorphous malware that either locks or encrypts critical data or devices until a ransom is paid.

The news has been filled with stories about small-town police stations being struck by ransomware, or of organizations such as Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, which opted to pay the ransom and regain access to its network. But how pervasive is ransomware? What industry sectors are most targeted, and how frequently are victims simply paying the ransom? More important: What are proactive organizations doing to protect themselves from being infected in the first place?

The Ransomware Response Study will provide the most comprehensive view yet into how organizations are striking back against ransomware - and where they need to improve to prepare for the next-generation exploits.

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