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Privacy, Big Data and the Internet of Things: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Privacy, Big Data and the Internet of Things: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Many enterprises are moving quickly to adopt "big data analytics" - specifically, the application of advances in analytics techniques to the rapidly-expanding pool of information that enterprises have at their disposal to enable better decision making. As this trend of adoption continues, information security, risk and audit professionals are likely to become increasingly aware of the possible technical and operational risk that may arise as a result of adoption in their enterprises.

When does all this data collection and analysis cross the creepy line? In this lively session, attendees will get:

  • An overview of leading edge data users;
  • Big Data analytics privacy challenges;
  • Privacy questions to ask your organizations if considering the use of new Big Data analytics.


New technologies are rapidly entering the consumer market, creating new and exciting services and new challenges for privacy professionals. For example, huge amounts of patient data is collected and stored within bio-med devices. The smart grid is attaching homes with utilities, smart appliance vendors, PEV owners and others to gain insights into living experiences. Consumers are now waling cash registers, paying for goods by simply swiping their smartphones. Smart cars transmit data about location and driving habits. Retailers track the movements of shoppers and digital billboards and mannequins interact with consumers. Drones are live streaming images wherever they can get the airspace. And vast amounts of data is automatically uploaded to social media sites, where marketing, research and other types of organizations are gobbling it up to data crunch with other data sources to produce vast amounts of new insights into the lives of consumers, patients, and potential terrorist and crime suspects.

To BigData analytics holistically, businesses need to:

  • Understand that non-adoption can also carry its own risk - particularly in the arena of business competitiveness;
  • Evaluate both technical risk and the business risk;
  • Understand the reasons why big data analytics is appealing from a business perspective.

Please note that CPE credits are not offered for this webinar.

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