Panel: Securing IoT Devices: A Security-By-Design Approach

The government of India is hopeful that the nation can build a $15 billion Internet of Things industry by 2020. MeitY has been developing standards for operating IoT across technologies and using data security as an enabler for adopting IoT. According to a recent study, India now has 41 IoT use cases, including smart manufacturing supply chain, service operations, transportation/logistics, healthcare, smart governance and smart utilities.

The growing number of IoT devices can potentially provide a direct conduit to some very private and valuable information in your company. In our rush to connect everything, security and privacy are often afterthoughts.

For IoT to become a business enabler in India, security considerations must be adequately addressed. It's essential to take a structured approach to implement security by design, with secure coding and end-to-end encryption of data. Because IoT devices generate huge amounts of data - and protecting data privacy is critical - it's crucial to secure the originating source of the data.

This panel will discuss:

  • Creating a security blueprint for IoT projects and devising an architecture;
  • How to secure codes at the design stage;
  • A collaborative approach with effective team integration;
  • The role of blockchain technology in improving security.

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