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Mobile Banking: Trends, Threats and Fraud Prevention Techniques
Mobile Banking: Trends, Threats and Fraud Prevention Techniques

As financial institutions expand their mobile banking services, fraudsters certainly will be close behind. This webinar will cover the expanding use of mobile banking and the fraud threats that are lurking, including:

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  • The explosive growth of smartphone ownership and the resulting demand for improved mobile services
  • Trends in mobile banking services, and the inherent risks associated with smartphone usage
  • The threats that lurk as fraudsters escalate attacks against the mobile channel
  • Fraud detection and prevention techniques based on each user's unique mobile banking behavior


Over half of US adults already have smartphones, and Forrester Research predicts that by 2015 one in five US adults will be using mobile banking. If a financial institution doesn't offer the desired mobile services, it runs the risk of losing clients. But with such growth, we all know that the fraudsters won't be far behind. So, how will account holders be using their mobile devices, how does that increase fraud threats, and how do financial institutions mitigate the resulting risk?

This webinar will answer these and many more questions about what will surely be the year's hot financial services topic. Learn about:

  • The state of smartphone ownership and mobile banking adoption and functionality
  • Usage patterns and behaviors that make smartphones particularly attractive to cyber criminals
  • Fraud threats that have already been spotted in the wild and how they take advantage of unique smartphone characteristics
  • Behavior-based techniques that some financial institutions are already using to detect mobile banking fraud attacks without disrupting legitimate activity
  • Anomaly detection solutions that prevent fraud and also conform to the FFIEC Guidance

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