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Medical Devices: Treat Them Like Untrusted End-User Devices
Medical Devices: Treat Them Like Untrusted End-User Devices

Protecting end-user devices is an essential part of any information security strategy. But many healthcare organizations have literally thousands of connected medical devices - from infusion pumps to heart monitors - used in patient treatment that can be vulnerable, opening the door to a broader cyberattack. Meanwhile, the internet of things, including consumer wearables and other devices, is adding to the challenges of keeping data secure and patients safe.

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Dr. Suzanne Schwartz of the Food and Drug Administration kicks off this panel with an overview of the current state of medical device security within the healthcare industry, highlighting some of the unique challenges hospitals face when it comes to security surrounding IoT. From there, the panel discusses why treating medical devices like untrusted end-users is becoming increasingly critical for hospitals of all sizes and shares additional insights about how organizations from all industries should be addressing IoT security risks, from third-party risk, legal and federal regulatory perspectives.

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