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Internet of Everything: Please Don't Connect It First and Secure It Later
Internet of Everything: Please Don't Connect It First and Secure It Later

The number of IoT devices will proliferate to over one trillion in the next few years, but any device that can communicate with another potentially can provide a direct conduit from the public internet to some very private and valuable information.

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In our rush to connect everything together, secure connectivity and information handling is frequently an afterthought, if ever even a thought at all.

Is it possible to instill sound SDL (security development lifecycle) practices into device manufacturers? Practices are improving, with more refinements on the way. But hope, as they say, is not a strategy.

An alternative to waiting for built-in security to gestate is to bolt it on. Several gatekeeper onboarding solutions exist for brokering the relationship between enterprise and device, limiting connectivity in controlled phases, and managing patch levels, authorization and connectivity to within acceptable limits.

Join us as we attempt to help you say: "Yes, you can connect now. We've got this covered."

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