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Enterprise IoT Security: Addressing the Challenge in 2019

The primary focus of IoT-driven innovations - as with all technology innovations - is functionality. These devices are proliferating at an exponential rate - set to cross a trillion in the next few years. And the cybersecurity risks they pose should no longer be a subject only of academic discussion. Enterprise use of IoT now encompasses industrial sensors, VoIP and conferencing equipment, MFDs and connected printers, RFID and NFC devices, and much more.

Security measures for IoT are bolted-on so far downstream that they become inconsequential. In the rush to connect everything together, secure connectivity and information handling is an afterthought. With no standards, framework or regulatory oversight for IoT that properly recognize the risks associated with each application and use case, connecting first and securing later is a recipe for disaster. What's needed is a new approach to mitigating the threat posed by what are ultimately going to be IP-enabled endpoints in the organization.

This session addresses:

  • Will existing strategies and paradigms scale to address IoT security challenges?
  • What are the risk assessment exercises that are required to translate IoT security risks into a tangible business context?
  • What is a future-ready, scalable design philosophy for a secure IoT infrastructure?
  • What are some risk/threat vectors for IoT?
  • How can IoT make you an unwitting accomplice/man-in the-middle in a cyberattack?

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