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Data Breach Outlook: Tracking the Next, Seemingly Inevitable Attack
Data Breach Outlook: Tracking the Next, Seemingly Inevitable Attack

It's a boom time for cybercrime and cyber-espionage, aided by at least two factors. First, many organizations' websites and databases sport well-known technical weaknesses, while employees remain all to susceptible to low-cost social-engineering attacks. Second, attackers can pummel these technical and human targets using an array of free or low-cost tools and services, until they can successfully access and steal what they're targeting.

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Join this panel session as we discuss the surge in data breaches, low-tech and high-tech attacks, and how we must adapt our defenses accordingly. Our panelists will share real-world insights into not only defense, but understanding the attacker mindset. The discussion will include:

  • What is the scale and scope of today's targeted attacks and data breaches?
  • Who exactly is executing these attacks and what factors - including financial gain, stealing intellectual property, causing chaos - motivate them?
  • What types of valuable data and/or critical infrastructure are being targeted?
  • Which parts of the organization - website flaws, APIs, mobile devices - are most vulnerable?
  • What is the optimum way to deploy resources to defend against breaches?
  • What related, up-and-coming threats should enterprises beware?

Additional Summit Insight:
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