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The Dark Footprint: The Peril and Promise of OSINT

The Dark Footprint: The Peril and Promise of OSINT

In the modern age of technology, in which both organisations and individuals have embraced the wired world, we have also evolved and accepted the unknown unknown risk of the corporate and individual subliminal digital footprint, which is open to exploitation, leading to the potential compromise of the end target. It is also a known known fact that cyber criminals, state-sponsored organisations, and hackers also leverage the subliminal of the target related digital footprint to amass intelligence pre-attack, or circumvention of the perimeter security - to gather target specific intelligence to maximize the outcome of a criminal or political mission. However, open source intelligence and other such related methodologies can also be utilized to the benefit of an investigator, researcher, expert witness, or law enforcement in a positive manner to secure an end target, or in support of an investigation. Attend this session to learn more about:

  • The multiple OSINT platforms available for both good and evil
  • Real-world case histories
  • How OSINT may be leveraged to underpin the corporate security mission.

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