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Breach Prevention 2012 & Beyond: Fend Off Malicious Attacks

Breach Prevention 2012 & Beyond: Fend Off Malicious Attacks
Today's cyber-culture causes financial institutions to rely heavily on the use of electronic information, which can be a gold mine for hackers. Malicious individuals are constantly searching for security vulnerabilities and weaknesses to gain access to electronic information. Are you taking the proper steps to protect that private information? During this session, ATTUS Technologies, a trusted compliance advisor for risk and information security, will look at:
  • Different methods of attacks;
  • Risks of social engineering and network perimeter attacks;
  • Common high-risk flaws;
  • How to prepare for, identify and defend against these risks.

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Your institution houses private information for your clients, but what would happen if that information fell into the wrong hands? An information breach not only affects the clients whose information is leaked, but diminishes the integrity of your institution.

Understanding all the threats to your information security is the first step in protecting it. Hackers and malicious individuals exist in many guises from recreational, to organized crime rings, to disgruntled ex-employees, the list goes on. You need to ensure that not only your electronic systems are adequately secure, but that your employees are properly trained.

In this session Tyler Leet will discuss:

  • Breach statistics;
  • Common findings and benefits of security testing;
  • Social engineering tactics, findings and prevention methods.

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