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Big Data & Security: The Management Challenge

Big Data & Security: The Management Challenge

The massive growth of data within today's enterprise overwhelms traditional security controls. How can organizations inventory, manage and secure Big Data at every stage of its lifecycle? How can they turn the security challenge into a security advantage? Join this panel of experts for a discussion of Big Data and security - the challenges and opportunities, including:

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  • How to define Big Data and address security concerns;
  • How to achieve business efficiencies from Big Data;
  • The impact of consumer devices and removable USB drives, and how to ensure secure enterprise mobility.


Big Data is truly a challenge that stretches the boundaries of the enterprise.

According to a new report from the Information Security Forum (The Information Security Forum [ISF] is an independent, not for profit association of leading organisations from around the World. It is dedicated to investigating, clarifying and resolving key issues in cyber, information security and risk management), data volumes are growing at an alarming rate - around 2.5 million terabytes every day.

From structured and unstructured data within the network of enterprise PCs and servers to the consumer devices - smart phones, laptops and removable storage devices that introduce new data management challenges - organizations are easily overwhelmed by the questions posed by Big Data:

  • What does Big Data look like, and where can it be found?
  • How can we leverage Big Data to improve operational efficiencies?
  • How do we address the inherent security concerns - and, in fact, use Big Data analytics to improve our security posture?
  • What new challenges - and opportunities - are posed by mobility?

In this session, leading experts in Big Data will define the challenges and offer hands-on advice for how to tackle them.

Steve Durbin, Global VP of the ISF, will set the stage with a Big Data overview, offering context on today's challenges, as well as introducing topics such as:

  • The impact of cyber crime;
  • Privacy concerns;
  • The skills shortage - do we need data scientists to manage Big Data?

Gary Gerber, Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Imation Mobile Security, then will discuss how to secure enterprise data, with emphasis on best practices for secure mobility. Among his key points:

  • How enterprises secure the vast amounts of data workers are moving through unsecured devises out of the network everyday;
  • Teleworking trends and how they impact Big Data management;
  • Tips for improved identity & access management;
  • How to develop an effective organizational approach for securing removable storage devices.

Following the short presentation will be an engaging panel discussion addressing the audience's key questions about Big Data and security.

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