Banking Fraud Update: Fraudsters Can Attack Anywhere, So Bankers Must Defend Everywhere

Banking Fraud Update: Fraudsters Can Attack Anywhere, So Bankers Must Defend Everywhere

The industry conversation about fraud prevention often focuses on a single strategy, scheme, or attack. But it fails to look at the broader context for the attacks and the collective scope of schemes against which financial institutions must defend themselves and their account holders. As the title of this webinar says, because fraudsters can attack anywhere, bankers must defend everywhere.

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This webinar will detail recent banking fraud threats that demonstrate the spectrum of how fraudsters are able to compromise accounts and successfully complete fraudulent transactions. It will also cover broader themes that emerge after reviewing a wide range of attacks to provide bankers with a comprehensive understanding of how fraudsters are using compromised accounts to launch a wide range of online and off-line attacks.

Attendees will learn:

  • Recently uncovered threats and how they're able to evade detection
  • Common threads across attacks that force bankers to fight a multi-front battle against the fraudsters
  • "Fraud-as-a-Service" and how it is impacting the growth and sophistication of fraud
  • Proven strategies for detecting and preventing emerging threats


Cyber criminals are attacking across a wide range of banking and communications channels, from the call center to the branch, from online to fax, and from malware-based to human-led schemes. Effective fraud prevention is more than just malware detection and starts with an understanding of how fraudsters operate and the assumption that the device has been compromised.

This webinar is part of an on-going series of Guardian Analytics webinars designed to keep financial institutions up to date on the latest fraud threats and trends. Once again it will feature Chris Silveira, manager of Fraud Intelligence at Guardian Analytics and former fraud analyst at Silicon Valley Bank.

Topics covered will include:

  • The breadth of schemes fraudsters are using across channels, often combining channels within a single attack
  • Fraudsters' continued success with compromising devices
  • Non-malware attacks that continue to plague financial institutions
  • On-going DDoS attacks and how they have been used as smoke screens for fraudulent transactions
  • Live Chat schemes that were first uncovered by Guardian Analytics fraud analysts and how they employ an FI's own customer service reps to complete fraudulent transactions

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