Account Takeover and Cash Out: Counter Strategy with Quick Fixes and Detection Methods

Enterprises are battling with the challenge of account takeover and cash out with no signs left behind. Despite years of trying to figure out who is liable for corporate account takeover incidents, we are no closer to an answer.

While many of these incidents have been resolved out of court before judges could rule on primary responsibility, the question remains: Who is liable? Is it the business whose credentials were stolen, or the institution that failed to spot and stop anomalous behavior?

Because of the significant pain and losses attached to account takeover fraud, financial institutions need to do more to avoid it in the first place.

The session will detail:

  • The distinction between fraud detection and prevention tools for account compromise and account takeover mitigation;
  • How an account takeover happens in the real world;
  • The latest evolution of account takeover schemes;
  • Powerful new tools that help organizations detect anomalous transactions and stop them before damage is done.

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