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Unlocking the Superpower of DevSecOps

Wiley's Former CIO and CISO Sean D. Mack on Why and How to Adopt DevSecOps
Sean D. Mack, author, speaker, former CIO and CISO at Wiley, and CyberEdBoard member

Organizations have long struggled to strike a balance between speed and security and stability, said Sean D. Mack, author of "The DevSecOps Playbook" and former CIO and CISO at Wiley. DevSecOps is the superpower that resolves this long-standing conflict and allows organizations to deliver software faster and more securely.

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Mack shared the two underpinning concepts of DevSecOps that contribute to speed and security. "One is this concept of 'shift left,' which is core to DevSecOps. In security defense, if you can shift left and get things earlier, it's going to make it go faster. And the other concept that's core to DevSecOps that helps us go faster is this concept of collaboration."

Organizations embarking on the DevSecOps journey for the first time should start small to gain focused and sustainable success. Each success will fuel the next one. Mack also emphasized the need to find an exemplary team that is eager to embrace innovative practices and push the edge of technology.

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group at ISMG's Financial Services Summit 2023, Mack also discussed:

  • How companies can measure and quantify the impact of DevSecOps implementation;
  • What visible and tangible changes organizations can experience when they adopt DevSevOps organizationwide;
  • How privacy professionals can improve collaboration.

Mack is a transformational technology leader, author and speaker. He is a visionary technology executive, with extensive experience leading DevOps, infrastructure, enterprise applications, security and desktop services. He is a member of the CyberEdBoard and has led global teams across a wide range of companies from financial companies such as Experian to innovative tech companies such as Etsy.

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Michael Novinson

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