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OnDemand Panel | Strengthening OT Security with HCLTech and Microsoft

In an age reliant on operational technology, ensuring robust security for diverse industries is crucial. Join us as we discuss operational challenges, highlighting specific threats faced by businesses today. Explore how the powerful alliance between HCLTech and Microsoft empowers organizations to safeguard critical assets and enhance resilience against evolving threats. From understanding the evolving threat landscape to implementing comprehensive security measures, this session offers insights to fortify business operations against the dynamic backdrop of cybersecurity. We will discuss:

  • OT Threat Landscapes: Navigate challenges in securing operational technology across diverse sectors.
  • Advanced Security Strategies: Discover innovative approaches to fortify OT systems in various operational landscapes.
  • Collaborative Insights: Gain valuable perspectives from the dynamic collaboration between HCLTech and Microsoft.
  • Threat Intelligence Integration: Uncover significance of intelligence in bolstering security of diverse operational scenarios.
  • Effective Risk Mitigation Tactics: Explore strategies designed to mitigate risks inherent to operational environments.
  • Innovative technologies shaping OT Security: Learn about cutting-edge technologies transforming the future of OT Security

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the synergies between HCLTech 360-Degree SecureOT and Microsoft Defender, as we discuss strategies for strengthening enterprise infrastructure security.

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