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Securing OT Systems

Singapore Professor Lam Kwok Yan on Steps for Keeping Critical Infrastructure Secure
Securing OT Systems
Professor Lam Kwok Yan of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

If operational technology systems need to get connected to IT systems, it's essential to have tight controls on the network, says Lam Kwok Yan, professor, computer science and engineering at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

"For operational or business reasons we have started to see enterprise information systems connected to the OT systems. We all know that enterprise information systems are vulnerable to viruses, to malware," Yan says in an interview with Information Security Media group.

"One of the typical approaches [to secure OT] is that we allow the IT and the OT systems to connect but at the same time the connection must be tightly controlled," he says.

In this interview (see audio link below photo), Yan also discusses:

Yan, professor of computer science and engineering at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, is a well-known cybersecurity researcher and practitioner. He has collaborated extensively with law enforcement agencies, government regulators, telecommunication operators and financial institutions on cybersecurity issues.

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