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Session Descriptions

Cloud Luncheon & Roundtable: Speed Your Journey to the Cloud with Hybrid Cloud Data Management
Seeking greater speed to market and flexibility, most enterprises have already made significant investments in adopting Cloud applications and infrastructure, resulting in a diversity of cloud services such as Salesforce, Workday, NetSuite, Amazon Redshift and Microsoft Azure, often being used in combination with on-premises applications like SAP and Oracle. Taming the data complexity of this hybrid environment is vital to fully realize the desired benefits of moving to the Cloud. Join this roundtable to learn from industry experts on how to move effectively to the Cloud while maximizing the value of your existing investments and enabling greater business agility.

CMO Luncheon & Roundtable: Every Great Marketing Strategy Needs a Great Data Strategy
As a CMO, you invest a lot of time creating an effective marketing strategy. Don't let islands of disconnected and poor quality marketing data negatively impact your marketing results or prevent you from getting valuable insights into your business. Most data-driven CMOs are held back by three data problems: 1) they don't have a single view of customer (SVOC) across lines of business, channels, functions or regions, 2) they cannot see the relationships between customers and products and 3) they can't connect the dots across the end-to-end customer journey. Join us for this invitation-only CMO roundtable for an interactive discussion about these issues as well as your options to overcome them.

Big Data Ready Luncheon & Roundtable: Powering Your Business With Data Lakes
With growing volume, velocity, and variety of data, organizations aspire to deliver value from big data. Now's the time to capitalize. During this roundtable, IT leaders will discuss the practical steps your organization can take to jump start your big data initiatives as well as strategies to ensure your investments are sustainably and repeatedly delivering value to the business.

ISMG Security Luncheon & Workshop: The Case for Data Security Intelligence
Companies continue to spend huge sums on technology, people, and processes in a failed attempt to adequately protect their data. To succeed in this new hybrid world of Cloud and on premise data , we need a paradigm shift that discards the "Ready, Fire, Aim" approach of throwing data security controls at what remains a massively unsolved problem. Join us for a special, interactive workshop to explore Data Security Intelligence, a new type of solution that enables companies to look at the data security problem through the lens of risk exposure. Only by understanding critical risk factors can you uncover actionable insights to protect your most sensitive data.

Opening & Welcome: Data Powers Business
Chaos and complexity are on the rise and it is difficult for many organizations to figure out what to do in the face of this digitally-driven change. This session will set the stage for how IT and business leaders can partner together to assess where their organization is and answer the question, "How can we better leverage data to power our business to thrive in today's digitally driven marketplace?"

Keynote Address: Creating Disruption the Amazon Way
Disrupt or be disrupted. That's today's digital mantra. But how do you disrupt, or better yet, how does your organization respond if you are being disrupted? Amazon has created the marketplace for others to follow. Join John Rossman, former Amazon executive, author and expert on Digital Disruption, as he discusses how the culture of Amazon drives the ability to disrupt, what principles continually produce these changes and how to set up your organization to drive disruption.

Informatica Executive Address: The Next Generation of Enterprise Data Management
From transportation to healthcare to financial services to retail, data disruption is dramatically changing every industry across the world. Today's successful companies are feeding business innovation by embracing data and using it to power analytics and uncover insights like never before. Join us for an open discussion to hear about the developments and advancements Informatica is delivering to our enterprise customers with Data 3.0 and how the new role of the CDO is helping organizations fuel business growth.

Customer Case Study: Improving Experience in the Digital Age
Most people today live with one foot in the analog world, the other in the digital. Innovation happens at the intersection of these two, but, it can't happen without data. Learning this early on, focusing efforts on improving all aspects of an enterprise data strategy and recognizing that with disruption comes opportunity are all imperative to be able to radically change customer experience. During this talk, Informatica customers will discuss their approach, including drivers, challenges and results, to show how they were successful in improving experience across their organizations.

Customer Case Study: Uncovering Business Intelligence Insights Hidden in Data
Having a modern approach to analytics that offers scale, speed and agility is crucial; yet, the key is the data itself. Organizational success is dependent on business leaders having access to ALL their data, ALL the time and in a complete, trusted fashion. During this session, Informatica customers will share their strategies and offer practical advice that you can use to harness the power of quality data in business intelligence and agile analytics initiatives.

Panel Discussion: Putting it All Together - An Enterprise Approach to Data Management
You've heard their stories of success. Now let's have them compare notes. Informatica customers and partner sponsor, Cognizant, will gather together to discuss the merits of enterprise data management in this highly disrupted world. This moderated discussion will draw out the best practices around people, process and technology to harness growth across the business.

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